Welcome to The Year of Experimentation – part two

This built on The Year of Experimentation, part one, which was a year long investigation into what dramatic writing training can be in the UK which can be viewed here.

In part two, we built on the previous year’s investigations to work with our other Masters and industry partners to develop, explore and test a new model for training dramatic writers in the UK as part two of The Year of Experimentation and two year MA Dramatic Writing course.

Please take a look at the rest our of our blog to see what we did as part of the year.

These investigations were run by the new MA Dramatic Writing at Drama Centre London and Central Saint Martins which aspires to create a new model for training dramatic writers in the UK.

The two year Year of Experimentation explorations will help determine the permanent model for the two year course as well as, it is hoped, impacting more widely on dramatic writing training in the UK.